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Surrogacy Package

Affordable Surrogacy Procedure

Our Surrogacy Packages with donor eggs includes –

  1. Recruitment and Preparation of Egg donor including medication (hormones for ovarian stimulation) & her reimbursement.
  2. Recruitment and Preparation of Surrogate
  3. Investigations of Egg donor and Surrogate
  4. Egg pick-up from Egg donor, ICSI, Embryo Transfer in Surrogate & her medications for post embryo transfer.
  5. Surrogacy agency Charges / Surrogate Mother Charges
  6. Initial Consultations, detailed discussion, 4 sample x semen freezing, Blood Tests for Intended genetic parent (Father)
  7. Monitoring of Surrogate for nine months till delivery.
  8. Medication and Food Supplements for nine months.
  9. Antenatal Follow-ups, Ultrasounds, Blood tests, Triple test, Color Doppler ultrasounds etc.
  10. Commuting charges for surrogate mother.
  11. Surrogate Delivery Charges
  12. Legal Documentation (Basic Surrogacy contract and other documents)
  13. Surrogate Mother Cost for her services.
  14. In case of twins pregnancy to be paid extra.

In case of premature birth of babies – Neonatal ICU - Charges are extra.
Emergencies extra – (Excessive bleeding, Hysterectomy etc)

For details on our packages and charges please email us at anoop@dranoopgupta.com or call us on our Toll Free Number- 1800-102-9191 or 011-45991111 (Mon-Sat - 10 AM - 5 PM IST)

Surrogacy in India has become one of the popular destination not only due to less Surrogacy cost in india but also due to experienced and educated doctors with well equipped clinics. Hence also rising the demand of surrogacy in india and surrogate mothers in india.

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