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Surrogate Become a Mother

Surrogate Mother

At Delhi IVF, we have the respect for the lady who want to be a surrogate mother and help the couple to complete their family. To be a surrogate mother is believe to be complex, hence it become our responsibility to guide through the pros and cons, complete process and make the process as a pleasant experience for everybody.


Only the generous woman can help for an infertile couple by becoming an surrogate mother. Not only surrogate mother needs help from medical experts to fulfill emotional and practical help but they also need complete support from their family too. Surrogate Mothers need to be loving and caring so that she can understand the pain of childless couple and their desire for their own baby.

Age and Weight:

As chances of pregnancy is higher in the young age so for the surrogacy age of 20 - 35 is the best. Weight of the surrogate woman should also be normal and have a BMI 19-33


We do understand the emotional attachment between surrogate mothers and Childs too, that's why we at Delhi IVF do physical as well as emotional screening to accept a woman as a surrogate mother. We also understand that without surrogate mothers we cannot able to help couple to start their own family, so emotional and physical health of surrogate mother is very important factor for us at Delhi-IVF.

Smoking, Drug and Alcohol:

To Become a Surrogate Mother one should say no to Smoke, second hand smoke and illegal drugs. Even any medication/drugs should be taken only after consulting with IVF Doctor. Alcohol should also be refrained during this period.

Physical examination

We provide surrogates with complete physical examination and other infectious tests which includes chest, TB, Liver, Renal, Blood etc...

Basic Requirement to be a Surrogate

One can only become a surrogate mother, if she had enjoyed her pregnancy and have a great love to children and can understand the problem of other people. To be a surrogate mother, one should have her own children and no history of illness during the pregnancy.

If all above requirement are met you can become a surrogate mother in india, please feel free to come and join us to help those couple who are looking to complete their families.

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