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Surrogacy FAQ

Gestational Surrogacy

What is gestational surrogacy?

Gestational surrogacy is the legal and medical process through which a surrogate woman carries the genetic material of the intended father or sperm donor and intended mother or egg donor.

Using the process of IVF (In-Vitro Fertilisation) eggs are retrieved from the intended mother or egg donors ovaries and fertilized with the sperm of the intended father / sperm donor to create embryos.

Embryos are then transferred to the gestational surrogate mother's uterus where she will carry the fetus to term and deliver a baby for the intended parents.

How long does it take to obtain a surrogate?

We have ready list of surrogates who are being screened on a regular basis. Once you are ready to undergo the process of surrogacy. We start recruitment and preparation of a specific surrogate for you.

What are the costs associated with surrogacy?

Please mail us your basic query at anoop@dranoopgupta.com and we shall get back to you with all the charges associated with surrogacy.

Will my name be on the birth certificate?

As per the 228th Report of law commission of India, birth certificate of the surrogate child should contain the name(s) of commissioning parent(s) only.

Will you assist in the legal contract between the couple and the surrogate?

Yes, we will provide you with legal assistance and contract will be prepared at no extra cost.

Do I have to pay all the fees at once?

No, you don’t have to pay all the fees at once. Charges have to be paid in 3 installments.

Initially you have to pay token amount so that we can recruit and prepare surrogate for you. (This amount will be adjusted in procedural payment).

First Step – Procedural payment to be paid before embryo transfer.

Second Step – To be paid after ultrasound documentation of foetal heart beat.

Third Step- To be paid at the beginning of 7th month of pregnancy.

Do you help us with accommodation?

Yes,We will help you for accommodation.

Do you work with international clients?

Yes, we have successfully helped many couples all over the world. Please click Families we helped to see references in our website.

I am a gay / single man. Is surrogacy allowed in India in such a case?

Indian surrogacy law draft provides for surrogacy for single or gay couple. Please click Gay Surrogacy for more information

What are laws of surrogacy in india?

Please click Laws of surrogacy in india for more information.

Gestational Surrogacy