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IVF- Procedures

Surrogate mother

  • Treatment is started on day-21 of previous cycle inj Superfact/Decapeptyl is started to down regulate the pituitary.

  • From day-2 of menstrual cycle ovulation induction is started. The goal of ovulation induction is to stimulate the ovaries to produce several preovulatery follicies and good mature eggs. The respones to the ovulation induction drugs is monitored with frequent blood levels(Estrogen hormon monitoring) and pelvicultrasound(vaginal)on day-2, day-6, day-8 & day-9 of menstural cycle.

  • The common aim is to achieve between 5-10 follicles between 15-18 mm size.inj HCG is given to allow final maturation of the eggs and egg Pick up is done after 35½ hrs.

  • Egg retrieval or egg pick up-It is done under mild anesthesia with the help of a vaginal ultrasound without any cut or operation. Under ultrasonic guidance a needle is inserted through the back wall of vagina and into the follicle. The follicles are aspirated and eggs separated in the culture room. The is a day care Procedure and require a rest for few hours only. Some patients may experience vaginal spotting and mild lower abdominal pain which subsides without any medical intervention.

  • Sperm Insemination and Embryo Transfer- After retrieval, eggs are placed in the incubater for 3-6 hrs. after which they are inseminated with washed motile sperms and placed back in the incubator for fertilization to take place. Embryos take between 2-5 days to develop and best 3-5 embryos are placed in the uterine cavity of the female partner. Patients are advised 4 hrs. of rest in a 'head low' position. Following Embryo Transfer (ET), patients is advised a complete bed rest for 3-4 days, then a normal light routine to be followed for 18days. Progesterone support (luetal support) is given, a blood test is done 18days after the ET procedure to confirm the pregnancy.

  • The reported pregnancy rate in an IVF-ET procedure is 40% and take home baby rate is 30-35% per cycle. There is no reported increase or decrease in the rate of foetal malformation in pregnancies from IVF procedure as compared to pregnancies resulting from normal conception.

IVF in India