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Gay surrogacy

Foreign SurrogaciesWe offer Surrogacy to single parent(s) to help them fulfill their dream of a family. Lot of foreigners are travelling to India to have a child though single parenting. Now a days, anyone including a single man or women or a same gender couple can use a surrogate woman’s womb to have a baby

We understand that surrogacy process is stressful and confusing, and it is our mission to make your journey as enjoyable and simple as it could be.

Today, many lesbian and Gay couples and individuals are deciding to have children through surrogacy and egg donation. We just provide a little extra help to create families and in making their parenthood dreams as a reality.

Delhi IVF Surrogacy’s program maintains the good standards in the surrogacy industry and provide them  personalized attention for each case. As members of many IVF and surrogacy association, we follow strict guidelines Reproductive Medicine community.

For Single Men or Gay Surrogacy, we can provide Donor egg with surrogacy.

Anonymous donor egg program will be provided, however if asked, the donor’s profile may be shared with you over the email. You will be asked to visit Delhi once for a period of few days to give your semen sample. We have a good sperm bank where we can freeze your semen sample in liquid nitrogen at -195C for use in your absence. We will also find a surrogate mother for Gay Couple and do a complete surrogacy management for them. As Laws of Gay Surrogacy in India is not too strict so we will help you to follow complete legal way. Now a days lot of foreigners come to india for Gay Couple surrogacy.

For single women, self eggs and donor sperms with Surrogacy.

We provide complete IVF cycle at our clinic. If you want to use your own eggs, you will be given medication for ovary stimulation to get multiple eggs or if you want to have donor eggs, we can provide you with the same. We too have facility of sperm bank and we can provide you with sperm donors too.

Surrogacy or Adoption?

Through IVF or Surrogacy Program in India, you can actually get biological child and for women through Surrogacy they can enjoy the pregnancy. Of course through adoption intended couple can adopt a child and extend their family.

Gay Surrogacy USA