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Find an Egg Donor

hindu egg donorWe have large pool of carefully selected young, proven fertile, beautiful, educated, fair north Indian as well as dark skinned egg donors. They are well screened for all infectious and genetic diseases.

A thorough check is also made about their social habits, family history, psychological makeup, inclusive of their motivation to donate. Donors are recruited only when they meet our requirements.

These are anonymous donor and hence the donors and recipients identity is not revealed to each other.

Need an Egg donor?

A thorough case study is made of the infertile couple and in case of need of an egg donor, we would ask you to mail us your photograph so, that we can select an optimal donor matching with your physical characteristic. Rest assured, our vast experience in this field has enabled us in helping our clients in finding most suitable donor and we have earned 100% client satisfaction in this regard.

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