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Donation Process

vitro fertilization egg donor

Normal cycle:

Medicine will  be provided to you to temporarily halt you normal ovaries function, which will make fertility drugs to respond better.

Generally all the medicine are well tested by laboratories but still different bodies may react differently against those medicine. Medications can cause vaginal dryness, vision problems, sleep problems, body aches, fatigue, mood swings, breast tenderness  and/ or headache.

Stimulating egg production:

In general menstrual cycle one or two eggs matures. In egg donation, we need to get multiple mature eggs. Medication will be provided to stimulate your ovaries to mature more eggs than normal and it's called a hyperstimulation. Medication basically ask body to produce more hormones to produce mature multiple eggs. Injection will be given under the skin or into a muscle. Treatment will be started on 2nd day of menstrual cycle and will go for 10-14 days. One should avoid unprotected intercourse during this duration as it can result into twin, triplet or more pregnancy.

Monitoring your progress:

You may have to visit after every 2-3 days to your IVF doctor, where he can go for ultrasound examination and frequent blood test to see how you body is responding to the medication. On the basis of result only medication will be adjusted. Ultrasound does not have any known risk but slightly uncomfortable,

Before egg retrieval, a final injection will be given to you to prepare the eggs for retrieval.

Removing the eggs from ovary: removing of eggs from ovary requires a minor surgical procedure called as transvaginal ovarian aspiration. A thin needle along with ultrasound probe will be inserted into your vagina. using suction methodology, eggs and liquid inside each follicle will be brought out. This will be done under mild anesthesia, which may last about 25-30 minutes. After this procedure you can take rest for few hour and go to your home.

Of course if something going into your body chances of infection is always there, so to prevent infection, you may be given antibiotics.

Follow to your procedure, you may be asked to come us to checkup.

vitro fertilization egg donor