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IVF laboratorySurrogacy laboratoryWe offer state of the art medical amenities backed with 2 decades of experience.

  • ICSI
  • Zona Free Blastocyst  and Blastocyst culture
  • Assisted Hatching
  • Cryopervation
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Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (I.C.S.I.)

IVF laboratory in delhi india

  1. It is an extended form of IVF procedure popularly known as micromanipulation or microfertilization. It is done in the third step pf IVF i.e. insemination of eggs with the sperms when only few sperms are available. The approach to male fertility management has changed over the last few years. Patients who had compromised semen sample had to undergo years of medication and surgical maneuvers and only few patients were benefited. Now, with advancements in ART techniques, conventional methods of treating male infertility has been replaced by ICSI, a proven and wholly acclaimed scientific procedure, which have better IVF Success rate.

  2. This revolutionary technique performed by us has given fresh hope to many men whose chances for fathering their own children were slim.

Zona free blastocyst Transfer & blastocyst culture

Surrogacy laboratory in delhiIn conventional IVF, the embryo transfer was done in the uterus after 48 hours at 4-8 cell stage. In natural conception the embryo reaches the uterine cavity only on day-5. Recent availability of new extended culture medium have enabled scientists to grow the embryo in the lab upto five days which is called blastocyst culture.

One more step ahead is selection of viable embryos which have passed the embryonic block and removing the hard outer coating (zona) with the enzyme called pronase. Thus making the embryo zona free tremendously increasing the chances of pregnancy. This is a non invasive method and better then the recent laser technology currently being used. We are the pioneers in northern India to introduce these techniques and there by increasing the chances of success to 50% or more.

Assisted hatching – through laser or manual.

This procedure is done in addition to either IVF or IVF with ICSI. After the embryo has been formed & prior to its transfer an opening is created in the outer covering of the embryo. This will help in hatching so that the cells of embryo emerges from the outer shell & hopefully implant in the uterus.

It benefits women:
  • Over the age of 35 yrs.
  • Who have a thick zona.
  • Repeated failed IVF attempts.


embryos of good qualitySpare embryos of good quality can be frozen and stored for future use. In case of failed IVF treatment in the first cycle, these preserved eggs offer a second chance of success without the need for ovarian stimulation and egg collection. The storing process is complex and involves the removal of the fluid from within the cells before freezing them in liquid nitrogen at minus 196 degrees Celcius, initially, embryos are kept for five years, but can be extended to ten.

Semen Bank

in-house semen bankWe have in-house semen bank facility.

In accordance to the California Cryobank rules and regulation, we maintain a dedicated semen bank. The male partner’s sperms are routinely frozen for crypooling and for IVF, or prior to treatment for cancer or any major surgery.

We screen all sperm donors for HIV, HbsAg, VDRL every 3 months. We also carefully look into any family history of diabetes, hypertension, congenital anomalies and blood disorders. Donor’s physical characteristics are matched with the recipient in terms of height, physique, color of skin/eyes/hair, texture of hair, caste, religion, IQ, blood group, general financial status in society.

Donors are recruited only when they meet our requirements and are continued if their family status is proved. We ensure close confidentiality for both the donor and the receipient. Donor’s Male partner’s processed semen sample is available to outside consultants whenever required.