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Become an Egg Donor

Surrogacy Egg DonorThank you for showing interest in becoming an Egg Donor. It’s you and generosity of women like you who help to fulfill the dreams of becoming parents for those people who are struggling with infertility.

By becoming a egg donor you can change a couple's life and give them extreme happiness. Along with good compensation, donor will also get free medical test.

  • Egg Donors must be between the ages of 21 and 35, good looking and have good eating habits and should be in good health.
  • Egg Donors must be drug free, non-smokers and alcohol free.
  • Donors are required to travel for approx 7-10 days for the egg donation monitoring and retrieval.
  • Egg Donors have to update their profile annually.
  • Egg Donor's Body Mass Index should be in between 18 and 29 as overweight Egg Donor's can effect health and quality of the egg.

Who will use my eggs?

Those women who can not produce their own eggs or quality eggs and cannot give birth to the child with their eggs but are otherwise fit to be a pregnant, will use these eggs to become pregnant and give birth to their child.

Whether giving up eggs can reduce ability to later become pregnant?

If everything goes well and no complication is seen then egg donor should not have any fertility problems later.

Whether donating eggs affect my life?

As this egg donation process takes around 2-3 weeks and regular visits to your doctor. You will be given medicine and injection for 2-3 weeks. So you need to schedule your work accordingly. Of course you need to restrain from alcohol, cigarette, illegal drugs. Doctor may ask you to avoid intercourse during this period.

Can i donate more than once?

As such there are no rules for this. but there are no report on long term impact of drugs on a woman's health, so we avoid doing this procedure for more than 3-4 times.

Become an Egg Donor