• First test tube baby in 1994
  • First IVF-ICSI baby in 1998
  • First blastocyst in 1999
  • 320 Surrogacy procedures till 2011
  • 6000 ART babies till 2011
  • 580 Pregnancies in post Menopausal females delivered till Jan 2011.
  • 800 egg donation till 2011


Dear Dr. Gupta and Dr. Alka,

Words cannot express the gratitude and the sincere appreciation we have for you and the staff at Delhi IVF

After struggling with infertility and surrogacy in the USA, we searched the world for all other available options. In our journey we called many clinics...Click here to know more



We have a ready list of surrogates, painstakingly selected keeping many a factors in mind like their family background, fertility status, age, I-Q level, hygiene, psychological make-up and most importantly their motivational level to carry the pregnancy to term....


About Delhi-IVF

The Delhi IVF and Fertility Research Centre is one of the oldest centre, set up way back in 1994, by Dr. Anoop Gupta. We specialize in treatment of infertility with the sole objective of addressing all issues related to male & female infertility and childlessness. The centre has been filling the gap, fulfilling a need and meeting the demand for state of the art facilities in infertility management all under one roof in India.